JOIN US Saturdays between 9am and Noon at the Shingletown Farmer's Market!


Did you know you can pick up your eggs, Right from the Farm! 

Swing by anytime the gate is open, or purchase ahead online!


Interested in raising your own pork?  Pigs at the farm are raised in the great outdoors with access to live grazing, fresh fruits and veggies, sunshine, mud, fresh air... all the ingredients we believe are required to create happy piggy lives (in no particular order). 

Focusing on Heritage breeds (Primarily Old Spot/crosses) Our pigs are raised without the addition of routine antibiotics, hormones, chemicals etc. 
While we appreciate and respect the role pigs play in the food chain, our pigs are our friends as well, and we love our day-to-day interaction with them.

If you are interested in purchasing a weaner pig to raise for yourself, please contact us to be added to our list for availability updates!


Honey is available for purchase at the Shingletown Farmer's Market on Saturdays (look for the ICF booth!)  
OR stop by ICF and pick some honey up here at the farm.

Proud to offer LOCAL RAW HONEY


Hooker Creek Farm!

(Cottonwood, Ca)

If you are unable to connect with Hooker Creek Farm directly, we are happy to offer another pick up solution!

Do you know an individual or family in need?  CONTACT US


ICF not only grows nutritionally rich, seasonal produce, but also partners with other farms and food banks in the area to help make sure that people have access to more than just canned food options.
Please reach out to us if you, or someone you know is in need.

Would you like to help us get more food out to those in need, in our local communities?   Donations go back into the farm to purchase seed, maintain/replace equipment etc.


                  Volunteer Work Day at ICF


FARM ENTRANCE gates located DIRECTLY ACROSS from 29376 Inwood Road, Shingletown, CA

Mailing: 29375 Inwood Road, Shingletown, CA 96088


* PLEASE leave a msg. if you reach our voicemail! 

During open hours we are most likely outdoors working in the garden.

2020 Fall HOURS: 
(may be adjusted as needed)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

9am - Noon

Saturdays look for us at the

Shingletown Farmer's Market (located at the Shingletown Med. Center)  9am - noon

*As Always, if you see the farm gate open outside of posted hours, feel free to stop in!

All other times, please feel free to call ahead or email, to verify produce availability or just to see if anyone is at the farm.  We are happy to open the gates for you if we are able!


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