The Produce Profiles below are provided to give you basic information and preparation ideas.            Currently Under Construction!  PLEASE CHECK BACK SOON

THANK YOU for your support!  We want to encourage everyone to try their hand at growing their own fresh fruits and vegetables - New to gardening, or a seasoned gardener.
WE DO NOT WANT A LACK OF FUNDS TO BE THE REASON YOU CANNOT TRY GROWING YOUR OWN FRESH FOODS!  Donate what you are able, and take home some starts for your own garden.  We offer gardening advice and encouragement along the way, if you would like it!

The plants listed below are a few of the cool and warm season crops offered.  This is is not a full listing of what we may offer! 
Double Click on the photos below to read general information on each plant.

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If you have any requests for seasonal seedling starts or produce, please contact us.  We are open to requests and we have a greenhouse we can use year round.


FARM ENTRANCE gates located DIRECTLY ACROSS from 29376 Inwood Road, Shingletown, CA

Mailing: 29375 Inwood Road, Shingletown, CA 96088


* PLEASE leave a msg. if you reach our voicemail! 

During open hours we are most likely outdoors working in the garden.

2020 Fall HOURS: 
(may be adjusted as needed)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

9am - Noon

Saturdays look for us at the

Shingletown Farmer's Market (located at the Shingletown Med. Center)  9am - noon

*As Always, if you see the farm gate open outside of posted hours, feel free to stop in!

All other times, please feel free to call ahead or email, to verify produce availability or just to see if anyone is at the farm.  We are happy to open the gates for you if we are able!


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