THANK YOU for helping to support I.C.F.

Warm season boxes typically are filled with more squash, tomatoes, peppers, and various other warm weather crops

Cool season boxes are typically filled with more greens (kale, collards, salad mixes etc.), radishes and other various crops.




PLEASE NOTE:  If you need another day to pick up your produce box, please leave a comment under "pick up notes" in the order form.  We are happy to meet up with you in town while we are running other errands, or arrange a drop off (for example, we have customers that will leave a cooler w/ice on their porch for us to drop veggies, if they know they wont be home while we are out delivering)


Summer/Fall season boxes are Expected to start going out in Late July or Early August. 
Exact dates will be announced as they get closer.

  Reserve your boxes now and we will contact you in the order boxes are reserved for your anticipated start date.

You will receive an email to confirm your pick up date when we receive your online order.  Please make sure YOUR email address is correct, and that your inbox is set up to allow emails from


EGGS ONLY - Online orders receive priority.  Ordering online also helps us plan ahead for the upcoming week, as eggs are in high demand and limited supply.

Orders should be submitted 48 hours before selected pick up date.  If you need your order filled after the 48 hour window has passed for your selected pick up date, please contact us prior to ordering, to ensure we have the availability to fill your order. 

You will receive an email to confirm your pick up date when we receive your online order.  Please make sure YOUR email address is correct, and that your inbox is set up to allow emails from



Unfortunately, due to a devastating predator attack on our chickens, we are limited in our availability to offer eggs.

We are in the process of having our chicken coop's main yard reinforced by one of our amazing volunteers, and hope to be able to offer eggs again later this summer or this fall...
 Until then, our ladies that are left, are on getting some deserved R & R.

Boxes that request eggs will have eggs included as available, but most likely will not be weekly at this time.

Donate a produce delivery for a Family or Individual in need.

There are families in need of fresh produce.  Elderly and/or sick that are unable to get out and shop, or simply can't afford fresh produce... When someone is brought to our attention as in need, we do our best to help - as we are able. Sometimes that means driving to them, when they are unable to get out for themselves. We do our best to help, regardless of donations, but greatly appreciate the  donations that come in, as they help us pay for the fuel for deliveries, basic maintenance on our vehicles and other expenses that go into running our programs.


                                                                                           One time donation                                           Small Monthly        

                                                                                                                                                           "set it and forget it" contribution.

*All orders in before 6pm Wednesday are typically filled for the upcoming week's delivery dates.

**Boxes purchased after Wednesday will be scheduled for the following week.
PLEASE BE SURE TO WATCH YOUR EMAIL for a conformation email from us - it is very important that your email address is correct, and you make sure our emails aren't going to your spam box!


29375 (farm entrance located directly across from 29376) Inwood Road, Shingletown, CA


* PLEASE leave a msg. if you reach our voicemail! 

During open hours we are most likely outdoors working in the garden.

2020 Summer HOURS: 
(may be adjusted as needed)

Tuesdays 9am - noon & 7:30-8:30pm

Saturdays look for us at the

Shingletown Farmer's Makret (located at the Shingletown Med. Center)  9am - noon

& back here at the farm 7:30pm - 8:30

*As Always, if you see the farm gate open outside of posted hours, feel free to stop in!

All other times, please feel free to call ahead or email, to verify produce availability or just to see if anyone is at the farm.  We are happy to open the gates for you if we are able!


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