Vegetables, Chickens, Pigs... UPDATE!

It's been sometime since the Blog has been updated with something new! If you are subscribed to our mailing list, you recently should have received an email newsletter from me, as I attempt to get proficient with all of these online social platforms. (Jess, I miss your internet guru wisdom!) Today, as I update our website, I figured it was time to update our blog with something new as well! I can't promise daily or weekly updates here, but my goal is at least to update monthly! SO.... Lets start with Veggies! July is almost at it's end - currently producing we have the following: Cabbage Green Beans Yellow Wax Beans Purple Long Beans Kohlrabi (purple and green) Kale (assorted) Broccoli Collards Cilantro (harvesting for the green, flower AND seed!) Chard Beets "Wild Plums" were abundant this month (both the reds and yellows) Blackberries are just coming in (we are trying to pick them before the birds get them!!!) and Microgreens (spicy greens mix, pea, sunflower and cilantro) We also just harvested the first of our Tomatoes and Summer Squash the other day! Moving forward into August (probably closer to mid/late August we anticipate Eggplant, Sweet and Hot Pepper varieties, cucumbers and much more Tomato abundance along with an assortment of squash (summer and winter varieties hopefully!) Plus our beans should continue to be available, Chard, Kale, Collards and Microgreens. Other greens and misc. will remain available, though quantities will vary of each. CHICKENS! So... we have had a crazy time trying to keep up with everyone's requests for eggs. We have heard your requests and we are working on adding to our flock! Stay tuned as we work on getting serious about our egg production here at ICF! EGGciting!!! ;) We love our ladies and truly appreciate their help around the farm. While they can be pretty destructive if left to themselves in the garden, we have found that if we guide them (temp fencing etc.) to areas where the garden is resting from being planted, they are really quite helpful! They eat the weeds, dig, scratch and turn over the soil... eat bugs that would otherwise be a nuisance in our garden...AND leave rich fertilizer where they've been ;) Moving forward, we plan to use our lovely ladies in the garden, rotating them between garden areas and allowing them the freedom to be happy hens while they help us out in the garden. Their eggs are just another benefit to the joy they already bring us, just watching them! PIGS! Last year we did the raffle fundraiser for 1/2 a Pig. We also sold butcher ready pigs and a few piglets. Pigs are rotated around to different areas of the garden to help eat weeds, turn over soil and prepare new areas to be planted (we allow areas visited by pigs to rest for months afterwards). We also are able to feed our pigs overripe, damaged or otherwise unusable produce from the garden, thus avoiding waste! The pigs have been a win/win in our garden's production cycle! To date, we only have a couple of ladies and a boar here at the farm. They are friends, and we love their unique personalities. We do intend to breed them again, and will be offering weaners for sale as a fundraiser (stay tuned and watch for updates) but have not yet decided if we will grow any out to butcher size this year. As always, (for both chickens and pigs) we believe in raising them naturally, without unnecessary antibiotics or growth hormones. We try to allow everyone to be free range or out on pasture (as weather allows) and overall, truly appreciate our animals and want them to have happy lives - even the ones that ultimately may end up in the freezer. If the pigs are of interest to you, please dont hesitate to contact us - for either weaners or grown to butcher size! It will help us plan ahead now, if we have an idea of "who wants what" later :) On that note, I realize this is kind of a bland blog update - I will work at making sure the next one has photos and a little more exciting content! Until then, STAY COOL OUT THERE and ENJOY THE DAY!

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