Our 2020 Anticipated Crops list 

Spring Crops ​                                                                                                 Summer / Fall Crops
*check weekly updates for availability - 

                                                              many spring crops are available late into season

* Beets (color assortment) w/greens                                                                     * Tomato assortment

* Radish (assortment) w/greens                                                                            * Pepper assortment

* Lettuce/Salad assorted greens                                                                           * Summer Squash assortment

* Cauliflower  assortment                                                                                      * Winter Squash assortment

* Turnips w/greens (and Turnip greens separate)                                                 * Melon assortment

* Kale assortment                                                                                                  * Bean assortment

* Kohlrabi                                                                                                               * Eggplant assortment

* Collards                                                                                                               * Cucumber assortment

* Cilantro                                                                                                                * Luffas

* Broccoli & Broccoli Raab

* Snow/Sugar Snap Pea mix

* Microgreens - Peas, Black Oil Sunflower, Spicy Greens Mix, Cilantro

* Cabbage assortment

* Chard assortment

* Spinach

* Asparagus  (Feb. - April on average... Varies yearly with weather conditions)

NOTE**   Seed starts available in limited supply.  Visit us Saturday Mornings 9-noon at the Shingletown Farmers Market for available starts.  Shingletown Farmer's Market is located at the Shingletown Medical Center.
We try to make available most of the plants listed above (and then some!) seasonally, as starts or in seed packs, for those interested in starting your own home gardens. Starts are offered 'by donation' and all proceeds go back into helping the farm and its various projects.






WEEKLY listings of Veggies are a projection of the week's anticipated crops - but available crops are subject to change.


As of 9/07/2020 


Cherry Tomatoes

Sweet Peppers (baby bell & shishito)

Tomatillos (blend of green, yellow and purple)

Summer Squash Assortment (including but not limited to: dark green zucchini, desi, rounde de nice, yellow crookneck, romenesco )

Winter Squash -  minature pumpkins


Beans (color assortment)

Pea Greens

Looking ahead into fall: 



Assorted Lettuce



Green Onions








Our available produce can change rapidly, so please call 530-474-3662 or msg us on FaceBook if you would like to verify our most up to date produce selection.


FARM ENTRANCE gates located DIRECTLY ACROSS from 29376 Inwood Road, Shingletown, CA

Mailing: 29375 Inwood Road, Shingletown, CA 96088


* PLEASE leave a msg. if you reach our voicemail! 

During open hours we are most likely outdoors working in the garden.

2020 Fall HOURS: 
(may be adjusted as needed)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

9am - Noon

Saturdays look for us at the

Shingletown Farmer's Market (located at the Shingletown Med. Center)  9am - noon

*As Always, if you see the farm gate open outside of posted hours, feel free to stop in!

All other times, please feel free to call ahead or email, to verify produce availability or just to see if anyone is at the farm.  We are happy to open the gates for you if we are able!


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